Bachelor Tells Ellen He Has Just One Regret

Brad Womack defends his decision not to choose a partner – but admits he isn't perfect

Video courtesy Warner Bros.

Ellen DeGeneres apologized in person to Brad Womack on her talk show Friday for calling him a jerk, then got his side of the story – that he didn’t take the easy way out by not picking a partner on The Bachelor, and that he regrets only one thing he said to finalist DeAnna Pappas.

DeGeneres asked him about one moment from the show in particular – when he told Pappas that the finale would be “a good day” for her.

“I definitely regret that,” Womack, 35, replied. “I don’t know if I got caught up in the moment. I don’t know if I was trying to comfort her. I bear the full brunt of responsibility for saying that. I do. She deserves someone to be straightforward and honest, which I thought I was. That’s one very, very bad decision of mine that I made.”

But Womack attempted to set the record straight on another point: He said he never asked that Pappas’s father be flown out to the set, which had also gotten her hopes up for a marriage proposal.

“What I did say is a proposal was such a big deal to me that a phone call was not sufficient, if and when that proposal would happen,” he said. “When it got to that day, I was informed that Deanna’s father was flown out. I never one time asked for Deanna’s father to be flown out. Never one single time.”

Womack also said he’s been shocked by the backlash against him, and feels like he’s going through a breakup himself.

“I did not take the easy way out,” he said. “In fact, I took the tough way out in order to show these women respect, in my opinion. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.”

DeGeneres, who had apologized to Womack on the air Thursday, did so again Friday. “I really appreciate you coming here,” she said. “I’m so sorry that I judged you because I didn’t know the full story.”

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