The star spoke out in a new promotional video for a skincare brand

Michelle Money has revealed that she had a teen pregnancy and placed her son for adoption in a new promotional video for skincare tool PMD.

The Bachelor album made the revelation while giving a motivational message for the brand, in a series called “Empowered by PMD.”

“When I was 15-years-old, I got pregnant,” she reveals in the clip. “The decision to place this baby up for adoption was not an easy one. But it was the right one.”

The clip features footage of a teenage Money cradling her newborn son while in hospital. “The day came, my water broke, it was very bittersweet,” she added. “The process of labor and the process of delivering and feeling of feeling love that I have never felt before. It rocked me.”

“When the moment came to say goodbye and hand him over to the social worker, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Money’s message in the video was her hope that women can still feel beautiful, no matter what problems they’ve faced in their life.