By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated April 30, 2002 03:07 PM

The not-so-grand finale of “The Bachelor” — in which there was no marriage proposal — still propelled ABC to a much-needed boost in the Nielsen ratings last week, though NBC still won the 18-49 demographic group as the May sweeps period got underway. With several weeks remaining in the season, CBS and NBC are fighting a tight race for the total number of viewers, with CBS averaging 12.7 million viewers so far vs. NBC’s 12.6 million, according to Nielsen Media Research. CBS got some supernatural help from its heavily promoted Sunday movie with Ted Danson, “Living With the Dead,” which conjured up 16 million viewers. For the week, CBS averaged 12.7 million viewers, followed by NBC (11.8 million), ABC (9.2 million) and Fox (7.8 million). The Top 10 (well, since there were ties for ninth and 11th place, the Top 12) primetime programs for the week of April 22-28 are as follows: