May 25, 2017 03:10 PM


If you were wondering what Nick Viall is up to these days, we’ve got the answer — and it’s probably not what you expected.

After two stints on The Bachelorette and a summer on Bachelor in Paradise, the ultimate reality dating show alum finally found his happy ending on his own season of The Bachelor. If you’ve been missing his mischievous, lopsided grin beaming at you from your TV, well, we can’t help you there — but we can provide something else that might fill that void.

PEOPLE can exclusively reveal that Viall, 36, has teamed up with Calm, a mindfulness and meditation app, to partake in their Sleep Stories series, a.k.a. bedtime stories to help adults head off to the land of nod.

So what fable did Viall opt to record? Fittingly, Sleeping Beauty, and as of Friday, anyone with a premium subscription to Calm will be able to doze off to the sound of Viall recounting the classic fairy tale. In the meantime, we’ve got an exclusive five-minute teaser, which you can (and definitely should) listen to in the video above, if only to witness Viall’s most soothing — and somewhat eerily calm — drawl for yourself.

“Good evening,” he starts. “I’m Nick Viall, and some of you may know me from The Bachelor. I’m really excited to read you a Sleep Story tonight that will help you unwind, relax and drift off into dreamland.”

“This story is a classic tale of love between a prince and a princess,” he continues. “It’s called Sleeping Beauty. Make sure you’re feeling comfortable, cozy down under the covers and take a few deep breaths. If you’re ready, I shall begin.”

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“Sleep Stories have been a huge hit for Calm, with well over two million listened to every month,” Michael Acton Smith, co-CEO and co-Founder of Calm, tells PEOPLE. “We all loved having stories read to us as children, so we thought people would enjoy having bedtime stories read to them as adults just as much, if not more so. Nick has a very calming voice, so we thought his millions of fans would love to imagine him perched on the edge of their bed reading them to sleep every evening.”


Viall’s full Sleep Story will be available via the Calm app on Friday. Sweet dreams, Bachelor Nation, and to all a good night.

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