"His hands were not taped at all, he's actually holding on, he's got a real strong grip," dad Rob Asher said

Credit: Rob Absner/Youtube

Auburn Asher is skipping a few steps in his development as a water-skier. For example, he can’t walk. Or crawl. He’s only 6 months old, you see. But age is nothing but a number for Auburn and his parents, Rob and Heather, who have the little guy water-skiing along with his parents on Falls Lake in North Carolina.

With the aid of a custom-built trainer, frame and skis, Auburn (also wearing a mini life jacket) was towed across the water by his dad. “He’s got himself a death grip on that thing,” Rob told ABC News. “His hands were not taped at all, he’s actually holding on, he’s got a real strong grip.”

Rob claims that Auburn’s adventures make him the world’s youngest water-skier, which seems plausible, though it has not yet been verified.

Auburn was actually born two months early, which put a dent in Rob’s plan to start his training. But as the youngster started standing on his own, Heather seemed to come around.

“He started in the living room, and then a couple of days ago, we pulled him around the yard,” Rob said of Auburn’s training regimen. Then, with family members in town for the holiday weekend, Rob decided he was ready for the real deal.

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And ready he was: The little guy apparently rode the waves for 150 feet behind Rob, over a period of about 30 seconds before mom put a stop to things.

Rob’s next goal for Auburn is to “keep progressing him,” though what exactly that means is anyone’s guess. Sky-diving, maybe? Or he could just like, learn to crawl. That seems reasonable.