No, it's fine, this probably won't give him trust issues or anything

When you’re a baby, Mom is the center of your entire world. (Mom and shiny things, that is.) So it can be a little jarring to suddenly be presented with another version of Mom, especially when Dad is filming your reaction for the entire Internet.

Dainius Sileika’s son was born in Lithuania last year, and the family recently took a trip to Montreal, Canada, to visit relatives, among them Sileika’s sister-in-law, who happens to be his wife’s twin. The little guy was pretty confused by the situation – he touches her face a lot, and seems to be glancing around, searching for someone to explain to him exactly what’s going on.

It doesn’t seem like the little guy is scarred for life, but anything’s possible. We’ll probably have to wait until he’s in therapy 20 or so years from now to find out if there are any long-term trust issues stemming from this shocking – albeit adorable – encounter.