"He's seen [the movie] like 60 or 70 times," Charlie's father, Zack Magilavy, tells PEOPLE.
Credit: Zack Magilavy

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the new Heavyweight Champion of the world Baby Balboa!

Little Charlie Magilavy has captured the Internet’s heart in a video showing the diaper-clad 2-year-old perfectly mimicking Rocky’s famous training scene in Rocky II.

“He’s seen [the movie] like 60 or 70 times,” Charlie’s father, Zack Magilavy, tells PEOPLE. “He watches it every other day.”

Magilavy uploaded the video to Facebook on July 6 and the clip has since received over 2 million views.

Even Sylvester Stallone took to social media to pay his respect to the super-fan.

“This kid makes me so proud that it touches A heart so young Maybe I have to fight him and ROCKY 10!!!” he captioned an Instagram photo.

Magilavy, 34, says his son first became obsessed with the movie after seeing his dad do at-home workouts.

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“He’ll tell us that it’s time to work out with Rocky and he’s trying to imitate me,” his dad explains. “But we don’t let him see the fight scenes yet, just the training part!

“He just can’t get enough Rocky!”

Charlie even dressed up as the famous boxer for Halloween last year in his hometown of Streetsboro, Ohio. And although the tot is too young to enroll in lessons, Magilavy will let him take up boxing when he’s older.

“If he was interested, we would definitely consider it!” he says.

With moves like that, we have no doubt Charlie has a boxing career in his future!