Azealia Banks Causes Controversy Again After Comparing LGBT Community to KKK

Banks fired out a round of tweets telling the LGBT community to "toughen up"

Photo: Polaris

The forever-controversial Azealia Banks has found herself in hot water again.

Just a week after making headlines for throwing a homophobic slur at a flight attendant, the musician is receiving backlash after an offensive tweet was captured by Complex Magazine on Sunday.

“LGBT community (GGGG) are like the gay white KKK’s. Get them some pink hoods and unicorns and let them rally down Rodeo Drive,” the tweet read.

The 24-year-old deleted the tweet, but not before followers could express how offensive her words were. But, Banks didn’t sympathize and later sent out a round of tweets saying that the community needs to “toughen up,” adding, “Remember offense is only TAKEN, it is never given.”

“You boys gotta toughen up!!! Don’t be so weak!!! If one word can put your entire community in distress you’re DOOMED. LOL,” she tweeted.

That was followed by another reading, “All I had to to do was say one word and I moved a whole community. What weaklings!!!.”

Despite the sentiments expressed in her tweets, Banks has denied being homophobic. She addressed the claims last week after she was criticized for her word choice during her airplane quarrel.

“I am bisexual,” she tweeted. “My brother is trans. My employees are all gay men. Nothing else to say.”

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