YouTube channel AWE Me put together the stroller for its Super-Fan Builds series

By Alex Heigl
January 20, 2015 08:40 AM

Unlike Bruce Wayne’s parents, Collin’s are actually around to see him in his Batmobile.

Collin’s mom Maressa Earl knows her husband Josh is a Batman fan (and it’s rubbed off on Collin: Maressa says that when he was 18 months old, some of his first words were, “Na na na na, Batman”), so she challenged the group behind the YouTube channel AWE Me to put together a suitable vehicle for their aspiring hero as part of its Super-Fan Builds series.

The group, led by designer and master builder Tim Baker, took “the Tumbler” from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies as their inspiration and crafted Collin a truly awe-inspiring stroller. It won’t fold, it won’t fit in a car, but it will do some serious intimidating at the park.

All he needs now is a pint-sized nemesis to menace Gotham.