Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger Are Now Married (Really)

The Canadian rockers tied the knot before several friends in the South of France

Photo: Carlo Allegri/Reuters/Landov

This time, it’s for real.

After reports surfaced on Saturday that Avril Lavigne and Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger had tied the knot that very night – resulting in updates to say that, in fact, the ceremony had yet to take place – the Canadian rockers are now officially united in marriage, various sources tell PEOPLE.

In a nod to their native country, the wedding took place on July 1, Canada Day – though the celebration took place in the South of France.

In September, Kroeger, 38, told PEOPLE why the date was important to the couple.

“We met while recording music in March. But we started dating July 1, so I’ll let the math speak for itself there. We think it’s very cool that our anniversary will always be on Canada Day. We can’t wait to start our life together. We’re very happy,” he said.

In June, Lavigne, 28, said she was "enjoying every minute" of planning for the wedding, which she had promised would be a "spectacular" themed event.

She also said Kroeger was happy to let his bride-to-be take charge.

The duo got together last February when Kroeger contributed to Lavigne’s latest album, Here’s To Never Growing Up. Kroeger sweetly proposed last August – presenting his fiancée with an impressive 14-carat diamond ring.

“I had been making this scrapbook of my time in the studio. I walk over and he had taken a photo of himself holding the ring box and put the Polaroid in my scrapbook,” Lavigne told Ryan Seacrest in April of Kroeger’s proposal. “Because I had stickers everywhere he put in ‘Will you marry me?’ It was really romantic and kind of made sense.”

This is the second marriage for Lavigne, who was wed to Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley for three years before their divorce. It is Kroeger’s first marriage.

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