Australian Officials Target Britney Spears's Lip-Synching

A government minister says fans shouldn't be misled about what they'll hear

Photo: Team Britney/Splash News Online

Britney Spears just arrived in Australia on Thursday, but already she’s the subject of government scrutiny – over whether concertgoers realize she’ll be lip-synching portions of her concerts.

Virginia Judge, the Minister for Fair Trading for New South Wales (the Australian state that includes Sydney), said she is considering options to make sure fans aren’t misled when buying tickets to Britney’s Circus tour concerts. Some seats are going for more than $1,300.

“It is Britney’s ‘prerogative’ to lip-sync, and it is my job to make sure consumers know what they are paying for up front,” Judge said in a statement released by the government.

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One idea is to require disclaimers on promotional materials and tickets indicating that portions of a show will be pre-recorded.

It’s no secret that many artists, including Spears, lip-sync at times during their elaborate stage shows. And this Australian initiative may not have much effect on interest in Spears tickets, given that many of the shows Down Under are already sold out.

“Personally I would rather see a live set from a local artist,” Judge said, “but I am sure Britney’s fans will be treated to a spectacular show.”

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