'Austin' Pushes the Envelope

Mike Myers is anything but coy. For starters, the title of his new 007-spoof, “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” (which opens Friday), contains a British colloquialism that shouldn’t be uttered in polite company. In fact, the title has been banned in Singapore. Now, reports Variety, one scene in the sequel to the very funny 1996 “Austin Powers” has been relegated to the cutting room floor for being too risqu : Robert Wagner, who reprises his role as Dr. Evil’s sidekick No. 2, ended the film coupled nude in bed with Rob Lowe, who plays (with the help of a time machine) a younger version of Wagner in the new film. “It’s not cheating, is it?” said one to the other. Says Variety: “Sources said that though it got big laughs, the scene was deemed too racy for a PG-13 film.”

  • While the scissors are out, the new film — which is even funnier than the original — could easily lose one scatological scene in which Austin samples the stool of a heavy henchman. (The villain, named Fat Bastard, is also played by Myers.) Another word to the wise: Don’t show up late to the movie. It contains the most hysterical opening credits since “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”
  • For more on “Austin Powers,” its cast and its craziness, click here.
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