Net Worth loses a round as Audrey fails to lead a mini-golf project to victory

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 04, 2005 08:55 AM

Not being able to control her street-smart Net Worth team spelled doom for Audrey, 22, a real-estate agent from Salt Lake City. Donald Trump fired her on Thursday’s episode of NBC’s The Apprentice.

Though Trump focused on her lack of leadership abilities, those working with and observing Audrey also noticed she suffered from temper tantrums and a disregard for loyalty – clashing with teammate John and betraying her best friend Angie. Some of the others also found her immature.

From a human-interest angle, Audrey did confess at one point, in an effort to explain her defensiveness and her drive to succeed: “My parents both went to prison. I was left with nothing. My childhood was taken from me, everything was taken from me. I was living out of a car. … I am where I’m at today because I have crawled and begged.”

She also told Angie and Chris, “As a child, girls hated me because I was beautiful. I wanted to scar my face because I was so beautiful, I wanted to be ugly so that they wouldn’t hate me. I have tried and tried for my entire life for people to just accept me.”

The week’s goal was to build a miniature golf course at Manhattan’s Chelsea Piers, with whichever team making the most money in one day to be proclaimed the winner.

The book-smart Magna team, led by Stephanie, picked a safari theme for their course, while Net Worth went for a circus theme, with teammates dressed as clowns … which caused some calls for mutiny. Chris went so far as to add chewing tobacco to his get-up.

And the winner was Magna, which made $508 to Net Worth’s $304, whose project manager Audrey got canned – while the victors accompanied the Donald to New Jersey’s Trump National Golf Club, where they played with champ Cristie Kerr.