"Nothing beats the real thing here in space," says an unbearably smug astronaut

Alfonso Cuarén has earned plenty of attention for Gravity‘s technical achievements. In fact, the film has even earned accolades from people in actual space.

NASA Astronauts Mike Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio are aboard the International Space Station, and they joined with JAXA (Japan’s space exploration agency) astronaut Koichi Wakata to create a video where they congratulate Gravity on its seven Oscar wins.

“Of course, nothing beats the real thing here in space,” says Mastracchio, as Hopkins performs a slow somersault in the background. (Astronauts are so smug.) “But we want to congratulate the entire production and directing team and the stars of Gravity.”

We’d like to hear Neil deGrasse "Nitpicker" Tyson‘s thoughts on this video before we fully endorse it, but it’s pretty entertaining nonetheless.

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