Astronaut's Lawyer Calls Diaper Story 'A Lie'

Her attorney says Lisa Nowak was not wearing diapers on her drive to Orlando

Despite reports, former astronaut Lisa Nowak was not wearing a diaper when she drove from Florida to Houston, allegedly to attack a romantic rival, her lawyer said Friday.

“The biggest lie is this preposterous tale,” said defense attorney Donald Lykkebak, according to Florida Today.

Nowak pleaded not guilty in March to charges of attempted kidnapping, battery and attempted vehicle burglary in the attack on Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman, who was dating Nowak’s former lover, space shuttle pilot Bill Oefelein.

Lykkebak made his comments during a status hearing on the case Friday morning. Nowak is scheduled to stand trial on Sept. 24.

According to reports, Nowak wore special astronaut diapers so that she could drive without stopping from Houston to the Orlando International Airport, where she allegedly attacked Shipman on Feb. 5.

Lykkebak said his client had been subject to ridicule due to the reports and explained that the diapers found in her car were in fact toddler-size. Nowak, a mother of three, and her family had been forced to evacuate their Houston home during the 2005 hurricane season, he said, and the diapers had been used by the children and parents on that trip.

They had used the diapers because the family could not find a hotel room and had to stay in their car in a hotel parking lot along with hundreds of other people, many of whom were forced to relieve themselves in bushes outside.

“A lie repeated over and over and over again can overcome the truth,” said Lykkebak, who added that the diapers are not in evidence and were not investigated by police.

Colleen’s Shipman’s attorney, Kepler Funk, told reporters: “Ms. Shipman doesn’t care whether she had a diaper on or off.”

Nowak was not present at Friday’s hearing.

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