Plus: The bid for the new "Gangnam Style" and more of the most important random things online

By Cara Lynn Shultz
Updated November 16, 2013 08:00 AM

Astronaut Chris Hadfield had us all riveted with his videos from space, where he illustrated the fascinating effects of zero-gravity on the mundane.

(Remember when he opened up a can of nuts in one oddly riveting clip?)

Now, in a new video to support the men’s cancer-awareness campaign Movember, the astronaut is showing the (not-so) fascinating effects of (totally having) gravity on the mundane.

Plus: The new “Gangnam Style,” the baby cheetah cam that is too cute to handle, and more of the most important – and random! – things online.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Shows Us the Effects of Gravity
Look – he’s pouring cereal and it’s going right into the bowl!

Is Norazo’s "Wild Horse" the New "Gangnam Style"?
Oh, God, we hope this is the new “Gangnam Style, for the Halloween costumes alone.

The Metro Richmond Zoo Launched a Baby Cheetah Cam
There are baby cheetahs. And they are ADORABLE. Cam is here, and you can watch the highlights below … over and over again.

BadEngagementPhotos Is the Tumblr You Secretly Hope Your Frenemy Is On It’s not brand-new, but it’s amazingly cringeworthyand deserves a mention. Also, stop taking engagement photos on train tracks holding balloons, people! You’re not a train! Or a clown!

Willie Nelson Has an Interesting – If Late – Take on Lance Armstrong’s Doping Scandal
As posted to his Facebook page.