He "looked like he was having fun," a waitress tells PEOPLE

By Dahvi Shira
November 30, 2011 05:30 PM
Courtesy Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher was able to slip away from Hollywood, but not quite under the radar.

Just days after announcing his split from wife Demi Moore, 49, the Two and a Half Men star, 33, headed to his Midwest Iowa hometown for Thanksgiving. There he enjoyed nature as well as garnered attention at several local bars.

In between strolling through a cow-filled pasture from where he Tweeted a photo with the caption “Country Giving” on Tuesday, the actor hit up four watering holes.

“He was swarmed by girls,” Emily Krajicek, 22, a waitress at The Sports Column bar, tells PEOPLE of Kutcher’s Friday night visit. “He was swarmed by guys as well. You couldn’t get to his table. People were asking what songs he wanted to hear. He was singing, having fun.”

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The good times went on earlier in the week as well, with Kutcher popping into Joe’s Place, The Airliner and Bo James – three other local joints.

At Joe’s Place, Kutcher had a lighthearted exchange with the woman working the door.

“She tried to ID him as a joke,” the bar’s manager Seth tells PEOPLE. “He didn’t show her anything, but was able to get in. She was just messing with him. He talked to her for a little while. He was a good tipper.”

Employees at the four bars said Kutcher was nice to people who approached him, but he refused to take any photos.

Overall, the step outside of Tinseltown was seemingly just what the soon-to-be-divorced actor needed.

“He was very happy to be home with family over Thanksgiving,” a source close to Kutcher tells PEOPLE. “It was nice to get away.”

With Additional Reporting by AILI NAHAS

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