The Spread star makes his mark atop the Planet Hollywood Resort

By Mark Gray
Updated August 18, 2009 08:30 AM
Credit: RD/Kabik/Retna

Ashton Kutcher has left his mark on Las Vegas.

While in Sin City last weekend to celebrate the 21st birthday of stepdaughter Rumer Willis, Kutcher took time to show off his artistic side, by spray painting the likeness of a slot machine atop part of the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

After “tagging” the roof of a snack bar next to the hotel’s pool, Kutcher, 31, rendered a large slot machine that could be seen from the higher floors of many of the hotel’s rooms. Crowning the slot machine, graffiti-style, is the painted expression “LUCKY ME.”

Though tagging, also known as graffiti-art, is considered an act of vandalism in many states and therefore illegal, the hotel gave Kutcher and German artist NOMAD the okay on Sunday to spray paint the area visible from the air.

Not that Kutcher, now starring in the movie Spread, wanted to keep quiet about the deed – as evidenced by his Tweet that he “just tagged the roof of Planet Hollywood.”