October 21, 2008 11:00 AM

Ashton Kutcher says he is ready for some football – as a coach, that is.

While wife Demi Moore is in Georgia filming The Joneses with David Duchovny, Kutcher has been working this fall as the Assistant Coach to the North Hollywood Harvard-Westlake freshman football team. The actor talked about the gig for the first time on his MySpace Celebrity blog, and he has nothing but praise for the team.

“I’m pleased to report that my Harvard Westlake football team is 4-2. I am blessed to step on the gridiron every week with a great group of individuals that understand that the collective force is greater that any individual can ever be,” he writes.

As for why he started coaching, Kutcher says that he’s always wanted to coach, but was “afraid of the time commitment. I was afraid that I would look stupid. I was afraid that the players wouldn’t listen to my football advice, I was afraid that the advice that I gave wouldn’t be very good.”

And he’s also found he’s gotten something out of the job as well. “Though coaching a football team is no great step for man kind I finding that it’s a great step for me,” writes Kutcher, adding “I’m not there to teach them, they are there to teach me.”

Kutcher also used the MySpace forum to hype up his latest project Blah Girls, a Web site for teenage girls.

“I don’t believe that there are too many places that honestly depict teenage girls,” wrote the actor, who helps raise Moore’s three daughters. “They are underestimated at every turn and ten times more savvy than anyone gives them credit for.”

Before Demi, Ashton was PEOPLE’s Hottest Bachelor!

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