Here are five things you don't know about the New Moon star

By Charlotte Triggs
Updated November 23, 2009 11:50 AM
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When she signed on to play vampire Alice Cullen in the Twilight series, Ashley Greene didn’t realize what she was getting herself into. “There are so many fans, paparazzi everywhere. It’s kind of nuts to go from 0 to 60 in a year,” she says. “We haven’t gotten used to it. I don’t think anyone does!” And though the media is speculating about onset romances and catfights, “It’s so not true,” says the New Moon star. But here are five fun facts that the 22-year-old Jacksonville native will stand behind.

1. She is a daredevil
“I had a great cheerleading squad, so I got into tumbling. The kinds of moves where they throw you in the air and you do a back flip and they catch you. Looking back, I could have killed myself! We fell a lot,” she says. “There was one time they didn’t catch me. That was not fun. Another time, I nailed my jaw on someone’s shoulder on the way down. My coach was like, ‘You alright? Get back up.’ ”

2. She graduated from school early to move to L.A.
“I was in all honors and AP classes, so by the middle of my senior year, I had all my credits. So when the opportunity came to move to L.A. I went,” Greene says. “Still, my mom was insistent that I come back for the cap and gown ceremony!”

3. She’s close with Kellan Lutz
“We have game nights on the weekends. We always do Taboo, Pictionary and Clue and we always battle on the Wii. He always beats me.” But costar Peter Facinelli says Ashley has won at other games. While filming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, due out in 2010, the cast found it harder and harder to go out without getting mobbed, “So we ended up eating in more and playing games at each other’s apartments. One night we even played the Twilight Board Game,” Facinelli says. “Kellan Lutz bought it. So it was me, Kellan, Ashley and Xavier, who plays Riley in Eclipse. And Ashley won. But her character is clairvoyant so I think she had a little bit of an advantage.”

4. She has a tiny purse addiction“When I first got paid for Twilight, it was more about making sure my rent was secure for a year. There was no guarantee that the second, or third or fourth movies would get made. By the second film, I went a little crazy with bags. I bought ones from Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Burberry. I felt a little bad at the time, but I don’t regret it. I’ve used them to death!”

5. She has one weakness: Cheez-Its
“Cheez-Its are my vice, so I never buy them myself. Usually someone else is buying them for me and they’re like, ‘I know you love them.’ I will eat a whole box. I have no self control,” she says. “But I can’t live life not enjoying food. So my solution is to get baggies and zip locks and Tupperware and give myself only one portion to take with me during the day.”

With Reporting by K.C. Baker

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