"It's crazy, right," says the actress who plays a vampire – and who wants to be a Bond girl

By Jennifer Garcia
Updated November 09, 2009 05:30 PM

Ashley Greene may not be the newest vampire on the block, but as she braces for more Twilight hype when New Moon opens this month, she still sees stardom as something very fresh – and shocking.

“It’s crazy, right?” she tells the December issue of Maxim, out Nov. 17. “I think my dog is more famous than a lot of stars out there. I bet some people in Hollywood are like, ‘I can’t get my picture in a mag, but Ashley’s pooch [Marlo] does?’ It’s mind-boggling.”

But while Greene is adjusting to the pressures of the paparazzi, she makes it clear she brought this on herself.

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“Oh, my God, I wanted this part so badly! I worked my butt off for it because I absolutely love Alice, my character,” says Greene. “She’s sweet, sexy, and a killer! So when they told me I got it, I tried to play it all cool, you know, for about a minute.”

But that attitude didn’t last long. “Suddenly the Twilight blogs started picking it up, and then fans were there taking photos, and I’m on the news, and I was like, ‘What?’ And then I got really nervous.”

So what’s next? “I want to hit up James Bond,” she says. “That would be awesome.”