Does he like her red hair? Does she like guyliner? The engaged – and expecting! – Most Beautiful couple talk to PEOPLE

By Marisa Laudadio
April 30, 2008 08:00 AM
Lance Staedler

Just three years ago, Ashlee Simpson was singing about slacker boyfriends on her hit “L.O.V.E.” She’s since changed her tune. Earlier this month, Simpson’s boyfriend, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, proposed to the 23-year-old singer. And now the twosome, one of PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful couples, are expecting their first child. But what’s life really life for the couple when they step off the stage? Find out what it’s like to share a bathroom, what Ashlee does that really turns him on and more in these exclusive outtakes from their PEOPLE interview!

Ashlee Simpson: “The first day that we met we were attracted to each other.”
Pete Wentz: “We were dating other people [but] we were actually good. Neither one of us did anything.”
AS: “Yeah, we were good.”
PW: “I was into everything about her.”
AS: “He’s a cutie, of course, and he has an awesome personality and kind of brings out the best of me, and I knew that even before we were dating. There was just like an awesome connection we had.”

PW: “The red hair – I think it’s awesome!”
AS: “Thanks, babe.”
PW: “I had a super Jessica Rabbit crush when I was little. She had red hair like you.”

PW: “I set a point to be high maintenance a couple of years ago.”
AS: “I would say if there’s one of us that was more [high maintenance], it would be me.”
PW: “But at the same time, if she comes out on tour with me, she doesn’t have a makeup artist.
AS: “I learned to pack his bags and my bags.”
PW: “She’s kind of like a super-assistant that you can have sex with.”

PW: “Sharing a bathroom with a girl is awesome ’cause I’m just like, ‘Oh I’ll try this thing.’ I honestly don’t really know what most of the stuff I use is. I did a facial [mask] today. I think the eye hole went over my nose. I don’t buy those kinds of products [as gifts for Ashlee] cause I’m nervous I’m gonna screw up – she likes La Mer only.”
AS: “You buy me good jewelry. And you bought me a good Dior bag the other day that I loved.”
PW: “I was spending a lot of money at Dior so I kind of like –”
AS: “You were like, ‘I feel guilty! I’ll get something for her.’ He’s the best at surprising me. He always does little things here and there that surprise me.”

PW: “I don’t really wear it anymore. The culmination of it was [when I was in the] PEOPLE [World’s Most Beautiful People ] last year. And it was like, ‘Oh, everybody expects me to wear eyeliner all the time.’ So I was like, ‘Maybe I should.’ I like how my eyes look with eyeliner, but everyone was like, ‘There’s the eyeliner and the guy that goes with the eyeliner!’ and I was like, ‘Alright.’ Maybe I should just go against what people think.”
AS: “It’s good if a guy can look good with it or without it. That’s why you’re good-looking, babe. You don’t need anything.”
PW: “I also happened to wear red eyeshadow as eyeliner and people would just, like 100 percent of the time, were like, ‘Ah he looks really sick.’ Like, that’s the only response.”
AS: “I like it, though. I think it’s pretty.”
PW: “I like how it looks. I feel like it’s kind of looks like you have a fever of 106º!”

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson
Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

On Ashlee Without Makeup

PW: “[Without makeup,] she reminds me of when I was little in the summer.”
AS: “That’s cute.”
PW: “There’s a very specific moment, like, when I was driving in the car with my parents. I don’t know. It just reminds me of it. I don’t know why.”
AS: “It’s cute. I like that. Thanks, babe.”
PW: “Sounds like [we’re] some hokey couple in a magazine.”

On Giving – and Getting – Fashion Advice

PW: “It’s kind of like college where [her outfits are] on a grading system where I’ll be like, ‘That’s an A or B,’ and I’m kind of on a pass/fail system with her.'”
AS: “He has great clothes. If I want to go for, like, a dress, you’ll dress a little bit nicer that day or something.”
PW:” I just try to accent whatever she has. I do. When we were getting styled for this [PEOPLE shoot] she had all these really cool things and then I was just kind of like, ‘I’m like the whipped cream. The sundae’s not good without whipped cream!’ That’s okay. I really don’t mind being the whipped cream.”

On Borrowing Each Other’s Clothing

AS: “I like his clothing line Clandestine [Industries]. It’s really good. And I wear a lot of that stuff as well.”
PW: “I really borrow almost everything.”
AS: “We mix our clothes pretty much.”
PW: “I ruin her pants by wearing them. [When] I was on Today, I wore a pair of her pants.”
AS: “And I was in the back. I couldn’t go out because he gave me his pants to put on and they wouldn’t stay on. So he wore mine and I sat down in the dressing room.”
PW: “Yeah, she’s a little too small.”

On the Best Compliment They Give Each Other

PW: “I got told my eyes looked really good at the shoot today.”
AS: “And I got told my boobs were great. That’s pretty cool.”
PW: “I’m constantly bombarded with compliments by her, which is good. It’s good to be bombarded in that way.”
AS: “Anything and everything is great.”

On What They Do That the Other One Loves

PW: “I really have a thing with matching underwear and bras.”
AS: “Yeah, you do!”
PW: “I don’t really know why, and I know most girls don’t [match], but she wore, like, a polka-dot one once and that was awesome.”
AS: “I felt like Betty Boop.”
PW: “It was, like, old-school hot.”
AS: “I like everything that he puts on and I like him in nothing as well. [To Pete:]” Your mom’s really gonna like that one.”

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