Ashlee Simpson: I Had 'Minor' Eating Disorder

"I hate it when girls lose their curves," muses the 21-year-old pop star

Ashlee Simpson’s career may at times have resembled a roller coaster, but now the young pop star reveals that her personal life has been an equally rough ride.

When she was 11 and taking ballet classes, the 21-year-old Simpson tells Cosmopolitan magazine, she had a brush with anorexia.

“I was around a lot of girls with eating disorders, and I actually had a minor one myself,” says Simpson, who at one point stood 5’2″ but only weighed 70 lbs.

“My parents stepped in and made me eat,” she goes on to say, adding that it was “about six months of not eating too much at all.” The family support, she says, “really helped a lot.”

The problem, she also confides, is long past her. “I think I have good curves, and they’re womanly,” Simpson says, noting that her mother and sister Jessica are also shapely. “I hate it when girls lose their curves.”

Her best physical attribute, she states unabashedly: “I have amazing boobs. I do, I know it. They’re not too big, not too small. They’re just perfect.”

As for the perfect relationship, that is still in the future. Ex-boyfriend Ryan Cabrera and she are “good friends now, which is cool,” she says, noting that there’s still time for her to settle down.

“I’d love to get married in my 30s,” she muses. “I feel like your 20s are when you figure yourself out. So I would rather wait until I’m who I’m going to be and am ready for that after I’ve gotten through all my craziness.”

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