The 22-year-old student from South Carolina is booted from the younger team on Survivor

By Todd Peterson
Updated February 25, 2005 08:00 AM

Despite coming on strong in the Reward Challenge, Ulong, the young tribe on Survivor: Palau, still managed to lose the Immunity Challenge to their older Koror counterparts and send student Ashlee Ashby home.

After a devastating first few days for Koror that had them winning immunity – and a reward of flints for fire-building, the older team’s boat capsized and their precious new cargo sank.

As they were trying to shake off the misfortune, the two teams came together for the Reward Challenge, where some Ulong members reveled in Koror’s accident. But Koror teammate Ian vowed to find the flint, asserting, “We’re the Bad News Bears, we’re coming on strong.”

That did not seem to be the case in the reward event, as Ulong ripped apart Koror in a physical challenge over an obstacle course that drew blood – from Ulong’s Bobby Jon – and plenty of bad spills and hard hits for both groups.

Ulong’s win earned them their own flint and fishing gear, and the team returned to camp determined to reinvigorate themselves after their first week loss. After catching and cooking some fish, Ulong seemed determine to make good on that promise. Ashlee, however, didn’t want to share in the group’s meal, and elsewhere a romantic alliance between Jeff, a personal trainer, and Kim seemed to be heating up.

But Koror wasn’t going quietly into the night, either. The team rowed out to sea amid rough waves where they searched tirelessly for their flint, before finding and hauling it 25 feet off the ocean floor.

Another very physical task was presented for the Immunity Challenge, as both teams received crash courses in Morse code, and then had to drag a trunk attached to a rope across the ocean floor, open it, and decipher its coded message. Ulong seemed primed to win the task, but their older competitors quickly turned the tables and smoked the younger team for an easy Koror victory.

Back at Ulong, some members of the group were upset at Kim’s low level of participation in the challenge, but most of the team felt that Ashlee was the weakest link. She conceded as much when she was sent home by a nearly unanimous vote.