Ashes of Britney's Good Girl Past

Ever since the Justin split, a pal tells Blender "she's been mad at the world"


Further stirring the pot containing the stew that Britney Spears has gotten herself into, Blender magazine’s March cover uses a manipulated photo illustration to put the troubled pop star in a comely pose with an upturned pair of Mickey Mouse ears serving as an overstuffed ashtray and a crumpled can of Red Bull next to her on the silk sheets.

Inside the magazine are observations from various (and often unnamed) sources analyzing how Spears got into this fix, and how she might get out of it. “She was never really taught how to live the basic things,” says one former manager, while a “friend” says that Brit’s breakup with Justin Timberlake precipitated her fall. “Ever since then,” says the friend, “she’s been mad at the world.”

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