As the Crowe Flies

Russell Crowe is hot. He’s nominated for best actor for his toga role in “Gladiator.” Crowe’s band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, is hot. Last year, reported PEOPLE, tickets for a Grunts concert in Austin, Texas, sold for more than $500 on eBay. And fashion Giorgio Armani has been hot for more than 20 years. Put them all together and what do you get? One hot concert in Milan for fashion week. Variety reports that Crowe, 36, fronted his Grunts group at a benefit concert in the Italian city’s Rolling Stone Club, hosted by Armani, who is expected to provide the actor with his Oscar-night tux. Veteran columnist Army Archerd says that the celebrity-packed crowd at the event included Sarah Ferguson, to whom Crowe dedicated the band’s song “Somebody Else’s Princess.” Proceeds of the evening went to Ferguson’s charity, Children in Crisis.

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