Trapeze artist Fay Alexander, 75, a man who could execute the rare triple somersault and doubled in movies for Tony Curtis (in “Trapeze”) and Doris Day (in “Jumbo”), died of cancer on July 16, it has just been reported . . . Veteran character actress Ann Doran, 89, best known for her role as James Dean’s mother in “Rebel Without a Cause” and later seen as Velvet Brown’s mother on the 1960s NBC series “National Velvet,” died on Sept. 19 . . . Stage, screen and TV choreographer and dancer Peter Gennaro, 80, whose work was seen in “Bells Are Ringing,” “West Side Story” and “Annie” (for which he won a Tony), died on Thursday. He was known for the speed in which he could teach performers their dance numbers . . . “Mary Poppins” book illustrator Mary Shepard, 90, died in London on Sept. 4. She is credited for the look of the flying nanny (Walt Disney paid her a fee when he produced the 1964 movie with Julie Andrews), and her father E. H. Shepard, was the illustrator of “Winnie-the Pooh” and “The Wind in the Willows.”