The singer and wife Kim have an 8-week-old son, Beau, he tells PEOPLE

By KC Baker
Updated December 07, 2005 08:00 AM

Art Garfunkel and his wife, Kim, are the proud parents of a baby boy named Beau who was born through a surrogate mother.

“He’s eight weeks,” Garfunkel told PEOPLE at his wife’s Monday night cabaret performance at Manhattan’s Makor Center Cafe.

This is the second child for the couple. Their son, James, was born in 1990, two years after the Garfunkels wed.

“It’s intoxicating” Garfunkel, 64, says of his role as dad. (Usually, he’s known as half of the legendary folk duo Simon & Garfunkel.) “You’re being pinched out of normal life. You are going to be chumped and made silly and startlingly ecstatic.”

But, he insists, “I’m doing pretty good. The baby’s pretty good. We have good help.”

As for any plans to resume work with Simon, he says: “I might tour with my old partner. I’m going to start a new album.”