Republican Gov. Schwarzenegger says his Democratic wife Maria Shriver debates him daily

By peoplestaff225
Updated October 20, 2004 08:00 AM

Outspoken California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger may have proved a crowd-pleaser when he endorsed President Bush at the Republican National Convention in August, but he says his wife, Kennedy cousin Maria Shriver, was not amused.

“There was no sex for 14 days,” Schwarzenegger, 57, told former Clinton chief of staff Leon Panetta and 1,000 laughing attendees at a public-policy conference Monday in Monterey, Calif., the Associated Press reports.

“Everything comes with side effects,” the Governator confided.

Continuing on his roll, Schwarzenegger said that rather than watch the televised debates between President Bush and Sen. John Kerry, “I’d just take my wife out to dinner” if he wanted to watch a smart liberal Democrat argue with a Republican leader.

He also expressed envy of the two current candidates: “They were lucky. They only had to (debate) three times. I have to do it every morning over breakfast.”

And while Schwarzenegger told Panetta he was thrilled about the talk of possibly altering the U.S. Constitution to permit foreign-born citizens such as himself to run for the country’s highest office, he is aware that Democrats don’t want “that Schwarzen-schnitzel” to be president.