Patrick's celebratory festivities also included a large peanut butter cake, complete with a photo of his face

By Adam Carlson
September 20, 2015 01:35 PM
Courtesy Patrick Schwarzenegger

If you’re a Schwarzenegger and it’s your birthday, your gift is simple: An early-morning session at the gym.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, who turned 22 on Friday, posted an Instagram photo Saturday of himself and his dad Arnold Schwarzenegger hard at work, muscles and teeth bared.

The caption: “My dad woke my a up at 7 am this morning for a birthday workout.”

But mom Maria Shriver had another idea. Patrick joked in another Instagram photo with her:

“M-Dog did the opposite and had 22 banana pies for my bday waiting for me when I got back from my workout.”

The celebratory festivities also included a large peanut butter cake – complete with a picture of Patrick’s face.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Will Romance Bella Thorne in Midnight Sun

Father and son are both soon headed to TV, though not the same series.

Arnold, 68, will replace 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump as the ultimate decider on The Apprentice, while Patrick will appear in Ryan Murphy’s new co-ed horror series, Scream Queens.