Christopher Schwarzenegger Released From Hospital

The teen's parents thank well-wishers for their support after Christopher's boogie boarding accident

Photo: Marc Piasecki/Getty

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s teenage son, Christopher – who was hospitalized after being injured in a boogie boarding accident last week – is going home.

“Blessed to be able to take Christopher out of the hospital last night,” Shriver Tweeted Tuesday. “What a feeling of relief to know that he’s going to be fine. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. The whole family, especially Christopher, felt your love.”

The former governor of California, 63, Tweeted a similar sentiment Monday night. “Thanks for all your support for Christopher,” he wrote. “It means a lot to me & to him. He’s doing much better & we’ll have him back at full speed soon.” On Tuesday, he added, “I knew Christopher couldn’t be stopped!”

Shriver, 55, who filed for divorce from Schwarzenegger earlier this month after the actor’s public admission that he fathered a child with the couple’s longtime housekeeper, has stayed at the hospital with her son since Friday, when he was admitted to the hospital with a collapsed lung and broken bones.

Schwarzenegger has also visited Christopher regularly. “Arnold is a great father,” a source close to the family told PEOPLE. “He and Maria will always come together when it comes to supporting and loving their children.”

“I will forever be grateful to the amazing doctors, nurses and hospital staff in the ICU who helped my son,” Maria added. “We were very lucky. Many patients and families we met have been there so long and have no end in sight. I pray for their recovery.”

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