California now has dueling "Girlie Men" and "Don't be a Girlie Man" T-shirts

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated July 23, 2004 09:00 AM

Things are getting “girlie” in California: Just days after Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called state Democrats “girlie men” for failing to pass the state budget, a San Francisco-based entrepreneur has begun selling $24 T-shirts with the slogan “Sacramento Girlie Men.”

According to the Web site, which is selling the shirts, “20 percent of (sales) proceeds will benefit the California Democratic Party, which as you may have noticed, could use the help.”

And those aren’t the only ones for sale. Reuters reports that California College Republicans have their T-shirt, too, reading: “Don’t be a Girlie Man. Vote Republican.”

“They will be cheaper than the Democrat version,” said group spokesman Ryan Clumpner.

Originally popularized in a Schwarzenegger-inspired Saturday Night Live skit about bodybuilders Hans and Franz, the Governator’s use of the term “girlie men” has raised the ire of legislators, gays and women’s groups.

Schwarzenegger, 56, has refused to apologize for the remark.

In possibly related news, Schwarzenegger’s popularity, though it remains high, has dipped in recent months.

In a survey of 2,505 Californians by the Public Policy Institute of California, 57 percent of the respondents said that they approve of Schwarzenegger’s work as governor, down from 64 percent in May – but up from 55 percent in February.

Among likely voters, his approval rating was 64 percent, a drop from 69 percent in May.