Arnold for Governor

First Warren Beatty, then Cybill Shepherd, now Arnold Schwarzenegger. While the first two, who are liberal Democrats, have been mentioned as possible future occupants of the White House, Arnie (a Republican) is considering a run for governor in California. He tells the November issue of Talk magazine that he has thought “many times” about seeking office. “The possibility is there because I feel it inside,” the Kennedy in-law said. (His wife is Maria Shriver, whose mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver.) “I feel there are a lot of people in politics that are standing still and not doing enough. And there’s a vacuum — therefore, I can move in.” A future run on the Presidency is out, though. The Austrian-born “Terminator” star is a U.S. citizen, but, under the Constitution, only natural-born citizens are eligible to be President.

  • On another political front, Donald Trump says he is considering a run for the White House not out of vanity, but because “I am convinced the major parties have lost their way.” In an op-ed piece for Thursday’s Wall Street Journal, the real estate developer wrote, “I don’t hear anyone speaking for the working men and women in the center.” He says he would run the country like a business, based upon three principles: one term, two-fisted policies and no excuses.
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