The Modern Family star takes to Twitter to call out Grier on his controversial history

By Lydia Price
January 12, 2016 03:00 PM
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Ariel Winter has a clear message for Nash Grier.

When the mega-popular 18-year-old Viner asked his fans to post their favorite video with #FavNashVid, the Modern Family star reminded everyone of Grier’s most controversial moments.

“#FavNashVid that one time when he was just super homophobic and ignorant? #whydoyouhavefans,” Winter wrote on Saturday, referring to an offensive Vine the teen posted four years ago.

In the referenced sketch, Grier responded to a TV ad for the HIV test OraQuick that says getting tested “is not a gay thing” by turning the camera on himself and screaming, “Yes it is, f–!”

Grier apologized for the video in July 2014 on Twitter. “I apologize for anything negative I’ve said towards gays and, for that matter, anyone,” he wrote. “I was young, ignorant, stupid and in a bad place. I’ve moved on and learned from my mistakes, and I am so truly sorry to anyone I have offended. I have nothing against anyone or anything that promotes equality. Sorry again.”

A plethora of now-deleted homophobic tweets have also been the subject of much criticism directed at Grier.

Following her initial tweet, Winter posted a paragraph which stressed that her issues with Grier extend far beyond the since-removed video and tweets.

The 17-year-old actress reminded Grier of a misogynistic YouTube video he made, his Islamophobia-laced tweets and his history of mocking Asian names on Vine. She also pushed back on Grier’s excuse that he was only 14 when the homophobic Vine was made.

“How can one person say so many terrible things on every end of the spectrum and never realize they’re wrong? I also don’t buy that you were young and didn’t understand the impact of your words,” Winter wrote. “We live in America, not under a rock. You and I are fortunate enough to have access to television, the internet, magazines, etc that daily stress to us the importance of social and racial tolerance.”

She added: “I remember seeing this stuff before I was 14. When we were 14, teenagers were committing suicide from comments like yours.”

“You only apologized for that video and stopped using that phrase after it started affecting your pocketbook and chipping away at your fame … So, no, I don’t believe your views have changed. I just believe your forum for spouting them has changed.”

A day later, Grier responded to Winter’s tweet, suggesting they continue to discuss the matter privately via direct messaging: “@arielwinter1 sorry, I just saw this! I would LOVE to talk you & explain why your opinion about others opinions are far from reality. DMs?”

But the actress was not interested in any further explanations from the Internet star:

Since the showdown, both Winter and Grier have posted a number of tweets seemingly referencing the feud.

This isn’t the first time a star has publicly condemned Grier for the anti-gay Vine. Youtuber Tyler Oakley tweeted his disapproval in July 2014.

“Promoting a false stereotype that HIV only affects gays to his millions of teen fans is extremely dangerous,” he said.

“Call me and people like me ‘f–‘ all you want, but spreading false information about deadly diseases is next level.”