November 04, 2015 12:05 PM

Ariana Grande schooled some L.A. deejays for sexist questions last week.

In the studio at hip-hop station Power 106 to promote her new single “Focus,” Grande took Justin Credible and Eric D-Lux to task for some of their comments.

When asked if she had to choose between using makeup or her phone, the singer, 22, responded to the radio personalities: “Is this what you think girls have trouble choosing between? Is this men assuming that’s what girls would have to choose between?”

When the conversation shifted to Apple’s new emojis and one of the hosts suggested men couldn’t use the unicorn emoji, the VMA winner pointed out the flaw in their thinking.

“Many boys use the unicorn. You need a little brushing up on equality – come on! Who says the unicorn emoji isn’t for men?” Grande teased.

Then, when asked if she could change one thing in the world, the pop star fired off several things she’d like to see improved.

“I have a long list of things I’d like to change. I think just sort of judgement in general .. intolerance, meanness, intolerance, double-standards, misogyny, racism, sexism, all that s—. There’s lots that we gotta get started on. That’s what we need to focus on! We have to work to do.”

Then, pointing at one of the hosts who’d set her off about the unicorn emoji, she said with a laugh: “We’ll start with you.”

Since their remarks started creating buzz on social media, the hosts took to social media to clarify their intentions.

“LOL, must be a slow news day. @arianaGrande knows that was a fun interview with no harm intended to anyone,” Justin Credible Tweeted Monday.

Then Tuesday, Eric D-Lux took to Twitter as well, writing: “All love for @ArianaGrande!”

Grande’s comments on sexism are just the latest stand she’s taken. Earlier this week, she wrote an open letter tackling body-shamers and, earlier this year, shared a feminist essay on social media.

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