"Today, lick a doughnut in solidarity with @ArianaGrande"

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Ariana Grande has come under fire after a video was released in which she can be seen licking doughnuts on display at a shop in Lake Elsinore, California. In the video, she is also heard shouting, “I hate Americans. I hate America.” Police are now investigating the incident.

Shortly after the footage was released, Grande, 22, apologized for her comments.

The Twittersphere responded in force:

Actress Susan Sarandon posted a remark some took to be sarcastic, writing: “Today, lick a doughnut in solidarity with @ArianaGrande. A sweet, talented, true American.”

When asked about her feelings towards the singer, however, Sarandon only had positive remarks. “I adore Ariana,” she wrote.

Rob Lowe had harsher words, calling the apology #Lame and writing that he couldn’t wait for the “new Ariana Grande/Dixie Chicks jam to drop!”

Grande’s apology was only the first part of her lengthy statement. She went on to explain that her disgust in American consumption of unhealthy food (and it’s contribution to childhood obesity) was a reason behind her comments.