"Seeing a video of yourself behaving poorly is such a rude awakening," the entertainer said in a 4-minute long video apology

By Melody Chiu
Updated July 10, 2015 08:30 AM
Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Ariana Grande has been under fire this week for her actions in a doughnut shop that were caught on tape.

Seen licking doughnuts on display and saying “I hate America,” the star issued a statement of apology that explained how her outburst in the store was an expression of her disappointment in America’s consumption of unhealthy food.

Now, Grande is speaking out to her fans directly about the incident in a four-minute video in which she apologizes profusely for her actions.

“I’m making this video from wisdom-tooth recovery hell,” says the star, who pulled out of an MLB All-Star Concert because of emergency oral surgery recovery. “I feel like the apology that I posted, I kind of missed my opportunity to actually sincerely apologize and express how I was feeling because I was too busy preaching about my issues with the food industry, which is not, I feel like, relative. I feel like I could have expressed myself in a different way so here I am apologizing again. I was trying to get you to understand where I was coming from when I said what I said, but that’s not important – I’d rather just apologize.”

Grande sets the record straight about her patriotism, saying she’s “actually never been prouder to be American with the advances that we’ve made in the past couple months and all the wonderful progressive things that have been going on.”

She added later in the video: “I feel like seeing a video of yourself behaving poorly that you have no idea was taken is such a rude awakening … I was so disgusted with myself. I shoved my face in a pillow and wanted to disappear, but instead I’m going to come forward and own up to what I did and take responsibility.”

Insisting her behavior “wasn’t me at all,” the singer, who admits it’s “been rough,” is using the situation as a learning experience.

“I never want to be anything but a positive influence on my babes or my loves,” she says. “I feel like I’ve let you all down, which sucks … I’m 22 years old, I’m human, I still got a lot to learn.”

Moving forward, she adds, she’ll use mistakes “as a platform to learn and to grow and become better.” (Watch the video for her entire apology.)