We mustache you a question: Can you decide if these hunky stars look better with or without their scruff?

By Alex Apatoff
October 22, 2018 05:11 PM

You’ve had a chance to vote on the Sexiest Men and Sexiest Celeb Features as well as What’s Sexy Now. But with Movember right around the corner and facial hair on famous guys’ minds, we’ve got to get your input on another important question: Are these A-list guys better looking with or without facial hair? Is Brad Pitt a bigger babe with a beard? Is Chris Evans sexier with scruff? Is Henry Cavill hotter with a handlebar mustache? Okay, we don’t have evidence for that last one, but we do need you to weigh in on these certified Sexy Men – then check out our Sexiest Man Alive issue on Nov. 9 to see if your picks were winners!

Brad Pitt

Chris Evans:

Chris Hemsworth:


David Spade:

Eddie Murphy:

Henry Cavill:

Joaquin Phoenix:

Justin Bieber:

Lionel Richie:

Nicholas Gonzalez:

Nick Jonas:

Patrick Wilson:

Ricky Martin:

Ryan Gosling:

Tom Selleck:

Will Smith:

Zac Efron: