From a talking panda to a dating app for toddlers, there were some gems

By Diana Pearl
Updated April 01, 2015 06:00 PM
Credit: Dave J Hogan/Getty

If you somehow missed the memo, it is in fact April Fools’ Day, and celebs and brands are happy to be in on all of the hilarious, confusing fun:

Sam Smith Is Straight
Grammy champ Smith has never been secretive about his sexuality, often speaking out in favor of LGBT rights and singing about relationships in his songs. So in a fairly obvious April Fools’ gag, he posted a Tweet proclaiming that he’s straight – followed up by an immediate “April Fools'” Tweet.

Google Maps Goes Pac Man
This prank may be an April Fools’ joke, but it’s one we wish would last all year long. In honor of the humorous holiday, Google Maps introduced a feature that transforms your everyday navigation system into a game of Pac Man. However, this gag is less funny and more fun (and distracting!).

The Google Panda
But Pac Man isn’t the only trick Google has up its sleeve: The tech giant debuted “Google Panda,” the company’s answer to Siri in stuffed panda form. Because why get answers from your phone when you can get them from a cuddly plush panda?

Tom Felton’s New Love Interest
It’s the joke that set many a Harry Potter fan fiction writer’s heart afire. Draco Malfoy’s real-life alter ego, Felton, posted an Instagram that showed him and costar Daniel Radcliffe lying cheek-to-cheek. The photo’s caption read, “May as well just say it. We’re together now x #drarry.” But a Gryffindor and a Slytherin together? It was all too clear that Felton’s post was in jest.

Hinge’s ‘Play Date’ Feature
Dating app Hinge is a favorite for urban singles – and if the app’s April Fools’ joke is to be believed, it’s about to become a go-to for city-dwelling toddlers, too. The brand’s spoof video was a marketing gimmick for the new spinoff app “Hinge Play Dates,” aimed at the age 2 to 5 set. Toddlers may love play dates, but thankfully these tykes still have a few more years of using their parents as personal planners.

Branson to Branson
Mega mogul Richard Branson owns property all over the world, from a number of islands to a hotel in Morocco. But one place we never expected him to settle down is in small-town America. In an April Fools’ day Tweet, he announced that he would be moving the headquarters of his company Virgin Group to teeny Branson, Missouri – population 11,064. While the move may be a joke, those T-shirts look pretty real.

The Selfie Shoes
Just when you think the selfie craze couldn’t get any, well, crazier, shoe boutique Miz Mooz announced an addition to the selfie-taking realm: Selfie Shoes. These “shoefies” give your selfies greater dimension and would allow you to use both your hands in the photo – a quality that even the selfie stick can’t boast.

Jennifer Lawrence Uses a Banana Phone & More Celeb Moments
At comedy site Funny or Die, every day is April Fools’ Day. So it’s no surprise that the website pulled out all the stops for the actual day itself, compiling a number of 1.5-second videos featuring celebrities engaging all sorts of LOL-worthy antics. The best? Jennifer Lawrence (very seriously) answering a banana phone, Today‘s Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford chugging their morning glasses of wine and Britney Spears walking into a glass door.

Zayn Malik Is Going to Be a Really Real 22-Year-Old
When boy band heartthrob Malik announced his departure from One Direction last week, he claimed it was to “be a normal 22-year-old.” While his leaked solo single has fans questioning how true that statement is, Teach for America decided to capitalize on the moment with their April Fools’ prank: A Facebook post welcoming Malik into the program in 2015. You know, just like a normal college grad.

A Fault In Our Stars Prequel
A prank played on millions of unassuming teens teeters the line between good fun and just mean. John Green’s Australian publisher Tweeted out a faux book cover promising a prequel to his YA cry-fest classic The Fault In Our Stars. The joke was so good it even tricked the author’s American publisher.

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