It was all in fun, folks – and PEOPLE was in on the joke

April 01, 2016 07:00 PM

When the clock struck 12 Thursday night, Netflix announced a brand new docu-series with Fuller House ‘s John Stamos, which viewers immediately caught on was a joke.

But on Friday morning, a video of the actor having a meltdown at the company’s offices was “leaked” to PEOPLE, causing droves of Stamos fans to stick up for the actor.

“I don’t blame you man. What ever is going on and then the leak. What the hell?! I hope they resolve this if they ever can,” wrote one fan. Chimed in another: “Darlin, what NetFlix did was incredibly tacky. U will always stand high in my opinion.”

Meanwhile, others debated whether or not the video was real. “:( love you boo boo hopefully this is an April Fools joke cus you’re too much of an angel,” wrote one. Added another: “boo, you’re clearly pulling our leg. That vid doesn’t look real. :)”

But now, the jig is up: PEOPLE fully admits we got in on the April Fools’ fun and pulled a prank with one of our favorite stars.

“There’s been a great debate all over the world about whether or not his behavior was appropriate,” Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos says in an “apology” video. “Well, I’m here to tell you that not only was John Stamos’s behavior appropriate, it was in reaction to my wildly inappropriate behavior.”

“On behalf of Netflix, on behalf of myself, on behalf of the entire internet, we apologize to John Stamos,” Sarandos continues, as the camera pans out to show the actor standing behind him. “And doesn’t John Stamos look great?” adds the exec at his prodding.

“After I gave Ted some guidance, Netflix now has a better understanding of the Stamos Brand,” Stamos jokes in a statement exclusively to PEOPLE. “And I’m thrilled to say we’ve locked in a sequel documentary, Prince of Diamonds: The Many Facets of John Stamos.

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