August 14, 2010 11:00 AM

Female fans may wonder what the very single American gold medalist Apolo Anton Ohno values most in a woman – and why he’s yet to find his perfect mate.

“I would actually really prefer it if my girlfriend didn’t skate” the short track speed skating competitor and eight-time Olympic medalist (two gold, two silver, four bronze) and former Dancing with the Stars champion (2007), told PEOPLE in New York at this week’s debut of his new “Got Milk?” ad new campaign, “Refuel America.”

“First and foremost,” says Ohno, 28, “she has to have a good heart and good intentions. Those are key for me. A girl who appreciates trying new things is always great too.” As for smokers, no thanks. “That’s a hands-down deal-breaker.”

While Ohno’s ongoing success has made speed skating one of the Olympic Winter Games most popular events, he says his busy schedule has come at a cost to his personal life. “I haven’t found my lucky lady yet. It’s very difficult to dedicate all of my time to someone like that when my life is like this. It would be unfair for both of us.”

Yet he remains optimistic: “I haven’t closed the door on dating yet.”

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