Antonio Banderas Speaks Out After Melanie Griffith Split

The Automata actor says "the family isn't dead, not at all"

Photo: Pablo Cuadra/Getty

Although Antonio Banderas and estranged wife Melanie Griffith costarred in one final film that coincided with the end of their personal relationship, the actor insists their family is far from done.

“This hasn’t exploded yet,” Banderas, 54, told the Spanish-language weekly magazine Hola! “We’re going to keep seeing each other. We will continue. The family isn’t dead, not at all.”

Banderas, who will receive an honorary Goya Award in Spain on Feb. 7, said, “It’s curious because Melanie and I met as actors [on 1995’s Two Much], and then for the 20 years of our relationship we didn’t shoot together. Then, at the end of our relationship, we’re back together again on the screen.”

Regarding their characters’ oddly close-to-home plot line in Automata: “There is a very curious thing in the movie which I realized when I first saw it,” he said. “At the end, there’s a moment where she tells me ‘Goodbye, Jacq Vaucan,’ and I say ‘Goodbye Cleo,’ and that somehow is the close of our relationship.”

While he and Griffith, 57, have broken romantic ties, Banderas plans to keep a close and watchful eye on their daughter Stella, he said.

“She’ll go to New York University next year, and I’ll probably move there to be close,” Banderas shared. “She’s an adult, 18, and I talk almost daily to her and the rest of my children, although not biological.”

Banderas, who is dating Dutch financial consultant Nicole Kimpel, was philosophical about the split, which was announced last June after 18 years of marriage.

“That’s life, and we must continue to go forward,” he said.


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