Anti-War Activist's Husband Seeks Divorce

Their son's death and her activism has wrecked Cindy Sheehan's marriage

The husband of Cindy Sheehan, the mother camped outside President Bush’s ranch in Texas to protest the death of her U.S. soldier son killed in Iraq, is ending their marriage, according to court documents obtained by the Associated Press.

Patrick Sheehan, who had been Cindy’s high-school sweetheart, filed a petition for the dissolution of his marriage Friday in California’s Solano County Superior Court. The couple’s eldest child, Casey, 24, was killed in April 2004. (The Sheehans have three surviving adult children.)

Cindy Sheehan, 48, said the stress of the death led to the separation of the couple. It also led her to take her activism just short of the president’s doorstep in Crawford, where she has held an anti-war demonstration for more than a week.

Sheehan, who has been joined by more than 100 anti-war activists, vowed to remain in Texas through Bush’s five-week vacation until such time he discusses with her what cause her son died for and why he hasn’t encouraged his two daughters to join the military.

Last week in regard to Sheehan, President Bush said: “I understand the anguish that some feel about the death that takes place. I also have heard the voices of those saying: ‘Pull out now!’ And I’ve thought about their cry and their sincere desire to reduce the loss of life by pulling our troops out. I just strongly disagree.”

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