Anthony Kiedis's Red-Hot Roommate? His Son

The Chili Peppers singer gushes about toddler Everly as he prepares to shoot a TV pilot

For Anthony Kiedis, trading a rock-star lifestyle for diaper duty is no big deal.

“He’s the little love of my life, that boy, and I feel very lucky to be his dad,” says the Red Hot Chili Peppers singer of 18-month-old son Everly Bear.

“You can’t really care about yourself as much as you used to. It kind of takes the focus off yourself, which for me is a good thing,” he says. “It also gives me a cool guy to hang out with.”

Kiedis, 46, gushed about the toddler at Tuesday’s opening of the shopping complex the Malibu Lumber Yard. He attended the bash with Everly’s mom, on-off girlfriend Heather Christie, a model/photographer.

“[Everly] is the best roommate I ever had,” says Kiedis. “He’s just a good hang. He’s funny. He doesn’t cost a lot to keep up. He’s a good dancer.” And he sleeps “for 11 hours straight” every night, the rocker reveals.

Next up for Kiedis: “Writing music, rehearsing, surfing and then shooting a pilot of an HBO TV show, Spider and Son,” this summer, he says.

The show is based on the singer’s unconventional childhood and relationship with his father, Spider, after they moved from Michigan to West Hollywood in the 1970s and adopted a rock-and-roll lifestyle.

Reporting by MICHELLE WARD

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