Another School Shooting

Columbine High School junior Kim Blair, 17, cannot believe that what happened at her school one month ago has now happened again elsewhere, this time at a suburban Atlanta high school. “What school is going to be next?” Blair, 17, wonders. In Conyers, Ga., on Thursday, a 15-year-old sophomore (said to be upset over a break-up with his girlfriend) opened fire inside Heritage High School, shooting and injuring six students as the school day began. The boy fell to his knees after the shooting and stuck a revolver in his mouth before an assistant principal restrained him, witnesses said. The six injured students are expected to recover. Authorities say they intend to try the adolescent as an adult.

  • On April 20 at Littleton, Colorado’s Columbine High, Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, shot and killed a dozen students and a teacher, then killed themselves. Many classmates and relatives of Columbine victims believe the country may be in for more such shootings. “I have said since this thing happened that they better beware, because it’s going to happen again and again,” Michael Shoels (whose son, Isaiah, 18, died at Columbine) told the Associated Press.
  • President and Mrs. Clinton visited Littleton on Thursday, where he embraced the families of the victims of the shooting. The President said that the new incident in Georgia “should underscore how profoundly important it is that Americans come together . . . to protect our children.”
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