Fans of “Survivor” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” might want to catch this year’s Miss America Pageant. That’s because the 81-year-old contest should include some high drama. For the first time, contestants who don’t make it to the Top 10 will be able to cast their vote for the finalist they think should wear the crown. Their votes will be added to the judges’, the Associated Press reports. Plus, the five finalists will be quizzed on current events, American history and U.S. government (which should be interesting). Although a wrong answer won’t disqualify them, it will count against their final scores. Finally, the swimsuit competition (which traditionally features contestants walking across the stage) will be jazzed up with videos illustrating how the contestants keep in shape. The changes were made after it was discovered that Americans wanted to see more intelligent competition among the contestants. The pageant will air live on Sept. 22 on ABC.