Another Britney Hoax

Britney Spears’s name has been invoked in a second hoax in as many weeks, and a lot of people — crying pre-pubescent teenagers, mostly — are really ticked off. Earlier this month, an upstate New York radio station paraded a Britney impostor through its station, and a woman who fell while trying to take a photo for her daughter later suffered a fatal heart attack. The latest stunt took place in Wilkes-Barre, Penn., where radio station WBHT-FM disc jockey Bill Fox had told his listeners that he’d be working with “a real doll tomorrow — Britney Spears.” The next day, 400 children and parents showed up, as did a limo — carrying a man holding a Britney figurine in a box. “See,” Fox was quoted as telling the crowd. “I told you she was a real doll.” The crying began almost immediately, followed by parents cursing and items being thrown, reports the Associated Press. One 5-year-old girl was reportedly struck by a flying bottle intended for the disc jockey. His excuse was that his audience should have realized what a prankster he is.

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