July 30, 2002 01:00 PM

Not unexpectedly, after last weekend’s nearly $73 million opening for “Austin Powers in Goldmember,” New Line Cinema (which, like PEOPLE, is part of AOL Time Warner) intends to go forward with a fourth “Austin Powers” movie, according to New York’s Daily News. Still, reports the Associated Press, actor Seth Green, 28, who plays Dr. Evil’s son, Scotty, is saying that a fourth “Powers” movie may not be such a good idea. Speaking of “Goldmember,” Green told reporters: “It feels to me like this is the end of the movies. It would be a fitting end and I think a satisfying one for audiences. If there were to be some kind of continuation, I would leave that up to Mike (Myers) to see where we go with it.” Not that Green doesn’t get into his role in the spy spoof. He admitted that it’s hard for him not to laugh when he and Myers, 39, as the senior Evil, do their “Scotty Don’t” routine. “I just decided to really commit to the reality of it,” said Green. “You know, this is my dad and I hate him. And he’s trying to be stupid and make fun of me in front of all these people. And I’m not going to laugh at you because you’re dumb. And coming from that place, it is a little bit easier to not break. And if I found myself laughing, I would just make it into something (like that’s) ‘so stupid, don’t you just see how dumb he is?'”

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