Annie Potts Talks 'Ghostbusters' on Its 30th Anniversary

Grab your proton pack as the beloved film celebrates a cinematic milestone

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Grab your proton pack: It’s been 30 years since Ghostbusters hit the big screen.

To celebrate the anniversary, PEOPLE checked in with Annie Potts, who played the titular paranormal exterminators’ receptionist, Janine Melnitz, to reminisce about the late Harold Ramis, her favorite film quote and the movie’s diehard fanbase. Here are five fun facts that the actress, 61, shared while promoting her latest project, Broadway’s Pippin.

1. She still gets recognized for her Ghostbusters role.
“There are always some Ghostbusters fans outside the theater. I think for those of us who do live theater, there are always a few Ghostbusters fans waiting. Last time I was in town doing a show, there was a young man who came several times a week and he was dressed completely as a Ghostbuster, with the pack on his back and everything. That was interesting.”

2. She had “the best time” working with Ramis in the original film.
“[He was] so sweet. Because most of [the cast] had come from improvisation, everything was in flux and alive. And the part where he comes out from under the secretary’s desk and they have this little love thing, that happened in the moment and it was fun to work that way.”

3. The biggest jokester on set was just who you think it is.
“I believe that Mr. [Bill] Murray would win the prize for being the class clown in every room that he’s ever been in.”

4. Her kids have seen the movies, but aren’t too impressed.
“When you have a parent that does that kind of work … do children pay much attention to their parents anyway? I think not. They didn’t really take exception to the fact that I was in that. I think it always surprises them when one of their friends goes, ‘Oh my god, your mom was in Ghostbusters!’ And they’re like, ‘Oh, yeah.’ They don’t care.”

5. Of her lines in the movie, there’s one she remembers most:
“Ghostbusters, whaddya want?”

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