Get ready for the sun to come out tomorrow. ABC is re-doing the musical “Annie,” a 1977 Broadway musical and 1982 movie about a plucky orphan who warms the heart of a right-wing industrialist. Auditions for the curly-haired redhead of the title (who, in the comic book, lacks pupils in her eyes) were held in Chicago and Los Angeles over the weekend. Two more open calls will be held next weekend, in New York and Orlando. And who will play Annie’s grown-up cohorts when the TV-movie airs in November? The late Reid Shelton created Daddy Warbucks on the stage, and Albert Finney (imitating director John Huston) played the bald billionaire on screen — and now Patrick Stewart is being talked up for the role. And the part of the mean orphan matron Miss Hannigan (Dorothy Loudon’s Tony-winning creation, mimicked by Carol Burnett in the movie) could very well go to Bette Midler.

  • In other casting news, Drew Barrymore is said to be close to a deal to star in the feature remake of the hit TV series “Charlie’s Angels.” Sources said screenwriters are rewriting the role to give it a hipper take for Barrymore.
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